Change the egg production cycle. Be virtuous

A Frenchman eats about 240 eggs a year, a chicken lays 300 eggs a year and can consume 50 kg of vegetable waste over a year which is 1/7 of a citizen's production (354 kg of waste per habitant in France). We know that it is possible to be part of a virtuous circle and take control of our egg consumption. Eating well and doing out part to combat waste, all with the Smart Chicken Coop.

Chicken virtuous circle

Eggs-iting the Smart Chicken Coop in detail.

The installation and customization of the Eggs-iting Smart Chicken Coop is made simple by a modular design based on solid wood bricks.

Made from local trees that are in compliance with PEFC standards. Bricks are sold individually so that you can redesign, improve, or replace older blocks. All Eggs-iting bricks are compatible and connectable, allowing for maximal personalization, adaptation, and improvement. The Smart Chicken Coop is self-powered using solar-panels that recharge the GEL AGM batteries.

With an eco-friendly approach, we optimize the battery capacity and charge cycles. Consumption is controlled by the use of an SBC card of high-quality and efficient.

The Smart Chicken Coop is equipped with several sensors: luminosity, humidity, temperature, presence of the chicken, level of chicken feed and water, a camera to identify eggs... As well and open and close the chicken coop door automatically.

All these technologies have been conceived to benefit the chickens and make your life as a Chicken Coop owner easier and efficient.

The various sensors allow us to collect data. This data is transferred to the owner, with recommendations and to accompany the eco-responsible approach to (re)take back your consumption, responsibly and simply.

The sensors also allow us to add a fun and educational way to challenge ourselves in family or in a company. All the Smart Chicken Coop data is available on dedicated web and mobile platform.

Opening the API will allow developers to create games and applications for the community.

The aim is to reintroduce chicken coops in private households, companies with green spaces, as well as in schools in order to reduce the volume of waste and to encourage learning to be eco-responsible.

European support for the connected Smart Chicken Coop Eggs-iting

"It is with great satisfaction that I discovered the project of a smart chicken coop(...)
This approach combines animal welfare and traceability. This is a real alternative to industrial farms, involving the consumer in particular(...)
For all these reasons, as Vice-Chairman of the Committee on the Environment, Health and Food Safety, I fully support this innovative project in my constituency and wish it every success! "

Gilles PARGNEAUX, MEP, Vice-President of the Committee on the Environment, Health and Food Safety?

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